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Could your business afford to advertise on TV?

Digital is the future ahead of us, no matter how long we stick to traditional methods of entertainment or knowledge. Advertising is all about promoting your brand or company to reach a larger audience as well as retain old customers in the loop. Advertising is a must in order to survive in the industry and know how your competitors are performing in the industry.

Television is proven to be effective irrespective of how it is disregarded in the past but has a lot of content marketing to offer. Tv commercials still hold importance in many companies’ marketing plans even if it has the ability for the viewers to skip and pause the ads.

How can television ads be helpful?

  1. Branding- a good commercial ad if found memorable by the audience can be of much help for the existing customer sale base and help gain new ones. The ad well produced can help consumers on top recall their mind and convey the personality of the company.

  1. Credibility- the commercial might give a sense of satisfaction to your consumers when they associate your name with their daily life. It will help build brand image.

  1. Wide reach- audience is everywhere and so is Television. There would be no household without tv as when coming back home you have a couch and remote waiting for you to be used after your day at work.

The business seems to be new then television is the best kind of medium where the maximum growth can be propounded to reach the correct target audience or gain new customers. This is the best technique for a regional base of customers as due to rates or market conditions is easier to advertise on television.

A few factors include in the cost of running a TV Advert:

  • audience figures expected on the channel range
  • the popularity of the programme in association and channel base used by audience and duration of the day
  • running time of the advert
  • the region will air in – each geographic area has a difference in preferences which includes different cities also.
  • Budget of the airtime
  • Location preferred adverts will help associate the consumer more with the brand and rely more on the credibility of growth in the business. As customers will gain more confidence when the name appears in any medium form.

By Sanvi Somani

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