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Tips for Writing an Advertisement


The key to writing a successful ad is knowing what your consumers want and how to motivate them to buy the product or service. State what you can offer them as a prospectus. Learn the nature of buying and consumer frequency towards the product.

Some useful tips for writing an advertisement

Grab attention on your advert line 

Clarity is the key to making your product desirable and attractive to the consumer. Focus on a single message, and use a headline, or illustration to grab the reader’s attention. Keep it simple yet the best. The headline may catch the essence of the product/service. It may interest your potential customers or keep them engaged to stay tuned to the brand.

Writing a great advertising copy

Once you have caught the reader into the product then focus on what caught the reader to be occupied and how your business could be of help. Stick to the unique selling proposition of the business thinking what makes you stand out and what others lack is your actual strength. As always keep it simple yet entertaining for the potential lead.

Call to action 

Once an impression of the business is created give the necessary details for your readers to follow the next steps. Encourage them to encash on the opportunity. Make the flow easy for the customers. Give in by simple instructions and for further queries proceed with your contact details.

Check the advert before publication

Once the advertisement is written, do a rough proofread and criteria check to maintain your company’s reputation in the market.Go through the list of parameters created by your team to ensure it’s good to go and publish to retain and attract more customers.

For an advertisement, it should be able to catch readers’ attention and keep them curious, leading them to be your customers for the leading product advertised.

Use short sentences

People hold a minimum attention span but only look at it if they are attractive. Sell the advert to the point.

Use different sentence structures

Creativity is the spirit that is the foundation for selling the advert so do not be scared to do so that will make the readers curious and keep the audience associated with the brand.

Keep the advert short

Do not keep all the scattered information on one piece of paper. Make it curious for the audience in such a way that they get excited when more comes by.

Rewrite and re-read, if required

Proofread to identify grammar and spellings in the advert is a very necessary task, Also If needed edit the content to around a word limit if possible to keep it short and sweet.


Both a clear vision and a sharp eye for detail are necessary for writing great advertising, and both can be learned via consistent practise and the development of skills.

By Sanvi Somani

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