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Top Ten Types of Advertising

Advertising is a form of sponsored marketing communication that has an underlying message which promotes a given product or a service or an idea.

Quite a while ago, Thomas J. Barratt— also, known as the father of modern advertising—  devised an effective advertising campaign, while working for the Pears Soap Company; for the product which involved the use of symbols, slogans, and catchphrases for possibly the first time. Ever since then, the field of the advertisement has grown exponentially. Nowadays, there are infinite forms of advertisement aimed at promoting or selling numerous products and services. 

Listed below are the Top Ten Types of Advertising along with brand examples:

1) Online/Digital Advertising

Here, the message for advertising conveyed through the internet. Such ads are a major source of revenue for almost every website. Surpassing the expectations of most of the experts, this form of advertising has become undeniably popular in the last decade. So much so, that when it was revealed that 60% of Google’s revenue is generated from ads, nobody found it unbelievable. 

The most commendable feature of this form of advertising is that the online ads can target any specific person, of any particular age, from any given location, at any and all times at a rather cheap price.

Despite being the fastest-growing type of advertising, a major disadvantage of online advertisement is that many-a-times people don’t click the ads that target them, thus, ruining a promotional opportunity. 

Apart from this, setting up online ads and pop-ups might ask for technical expertise that is not necessarily instilled in everyone.

2) Television Ads: 

Before the internet hit our lives like a freight train, television was our savior from boredom, the one true means of recreation. With daily soaps, reality shows, news headlines, international cricket games, and other sports, television could easily be hailed as the most revered advertising platform. To some extent, it still is, despite the advent of online streaming, mobile phones, and all things Internet.

Information and Commercials, when combined, gave birth to yet another form of tele-advertising: Infomercials. Although a little pricey, TV ads are to date considered the most effective form of advertising.

3) Theatre Ads

The ads displayed prior to the starting of the movie, after its end, and during the intermission are known as movie ads. Costly, ‘cause it can’t be skipped; but effective at the same time, as it ensures that the entire content of the ad reaches across all its audiences. Larger brands often opt for this method of advertising.

4) Product Placement

Did you notice— during the thousandth re-run of How I Met Your Mother— how the show sneakily sends shoutouts to a variety of beer brands and liquor companies; or how Will Smith keeps playing with his converse shoes in I Robot?

If yes, you’ve merely witnessed a subtle example of successful product placement. Also, known as covert advertising, herein various brand products are discreetly embedded within the entertainment media. Most of the time there is no sign of the product even though the audience sees the product. This method of advertising is often seen in movies and sitcoms.

5) Radio

Usually, in the form of audio jingles, radio ads are broadcasted through radio waves and heard via radio stations. While rendered ineffective for a few, this form of advertising has still managed to keep its loyal fanbase engaged, who catch radio every once in a while. The downside to this type of audio-only advertisement is that each and every feature of an advertisement has to be explained with exquisite detailing, unlike the other contemporary sources of advertising where customers can view and judge the products inside out.

6) Print

Due to its limited shelf life, and the explosion of various teleservices as more preferable alternatives, this once-popular mode of advertising, has now taken a backseat. However, because of its undeniably solid reach, print advertising is still regarded as one of the most effective types of advertising. There are numerous types of print advertising, the most popular ones are listed below:

A) Magazine advertising

Segregating brands according to their own publishing categories, magazines are released consistently on completion of a predefined interval(be it a week or two, or even a month), which display ads in the corners, on the covers, and even on extra pages. This form of advertising is, thus, referred to as periodical advertisements. The categorization of ads is rather obvious: entertainment magazines may contain ads for apparel and cosmetics while business magazines may fill in some pages displaying branded watches and motorbikes.

B) Brochures or handouts

Unlike magazine ads, brochures are independent and drive straight to the point. They are used specifically to promote a particular product and are handed out at various bases of sale to publicize goods and services.

C)  Newspaper

Extremely popular in the 20s, and still, newspapers often consist of innumerable ads: right from matrimonial services to job hunt, to the notifications and circulars from the Governments. Although, with the advent of digital advertising, newspapers have successfully migrated to phone and tablet screens where they showcase a good number of ads per usual.

7) Outdoor

Placed strategically on the tallest points at places with huge public inflow, outdoor advertisements consist of displaying giant posters, banners, and hoarding with ads printed colorfully on them. They were once printed, but have gradually adapted more digital ways to avoid the hassle of printing and limited shelf life.

8) Global

Technically, being more of a strategy than a “form” of advertisement per se; global advertising is when a single ad runs along with numerous countries where the product is presented, irrespective of the audience and their differences. Such ads are homogeneous and run through many countries in, more often than not, a single language. Take Apple ads for example, which are available across the globe in English. 

9) Outdoor Blank Space Advertising

By occupying any and every available blank public space, this type of advertising focuses on filling voids with ad covers. The spaces on metros, cabs, flights and even movie theatre seats are a few examples of their targeted spaces. Places with immense public utility prove invaluable to this form of advertising, owing to its catchiness and longer shelf life.

10) Online E-mailers

Sometimes classified under internet advertising itself, this means of advertising has gained a separate category, thanks to the personalized touch added to them by dedicated e-mailers. This is undoubtedly the most used form of advertisement owing to its efficiency and reach. It isn’t an easy task to create multi-recipient emails that aren’t disregarded as spam or junk but actually reach their audiences, successfully conveying their intended message.

By Shalini Goswami

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