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Most definitely! With the right audience and the right message— radio stations can function as the most efficient yet affordable means of advertising.

Star Advertising, with its wonderful analytics, allows you to catch a glimpse of the traffic spike on your website, merely after a few minutes of airing your advertisement. Not only this, each month, your assigned Sales & Marketing Strategist will provide you with a detailed report, explaining the difference the commercial(s) make in terms of driving customers to your website.

The process is called an ‘endorsement’. Your appointed Sales & Marketing Strategist will detail you on how to make that happen. 

Your requested radio ad will be scripted by one of our brilliant campaign managers using all the information you impart with your Sales & Marketing Strategist. Once it’s written, you can review it, and recommend any changes you want. Only after receiving your green signal, does our production team get to work and bring the ad to life on air. 

All of this, absolutely free of charge! 

Damn straight, we do!

Known, not only for their on-air captivating charm, but also for their varied contribution to our community— you’ll witness our beloved DJs hosting numerous community events, raising money, and supporting great causes—all of which make a great difference to their devotedly listening fan base. These local personalities absolutely love their jobs and know-how to make use of any chance to talk to their loyal listeners.

Star Advertising has indeed much more to offer in addition to fantastic radio advertisements. We take personal time to engage with you and dig deeper, uncovering the specific needs of your business. We also help in figuring what other mediums would prove fruitful to your business ventures. Here, at Star Advertising, we help customize unique brand stories for your websites, manage social media promotions, and much more in order to create an evidently effective marketing strategy.  

A successful media company, Star Advertising, invests in its technologies and people: to provide its clients with customized marketing solutions to help their campaigns, across all platforms, succeed and show visible results.

Ranging from creating or maintaining your ‘Google My Business listing to managing customer reviews, social media campaigns, website designs, SEO, SEM, landing pages, and more— Star advertising has quite a handful of offers wrapped under its sleeve. We refuse to give in to the idea of one size for all, instead, we make recommendations in accordance with your needs and budget allocation— starting with your digital foundation.

With a rather commendable ability to take almost any kind of budget into consideration and provide the most suitable options, your Sales & Marketing Strategist also has the phenomenal ability to determine the kind of budget you would require for a specific need.

The contracts we ask our customers to sign have quite flexible cancellation options, so it’s pretty apparent that we’re all on the same page with regard to the details of your marketing plan. 

The digital world can be complex and scary, but you’re not alone in this. We’re here to help you navigate through the thick tides of the online marketing world. All you need to do is set an appointment with one of our Sales & Marketing Strategists, and our team will begin researching your business and will soon suggest its best recommendations.

This defines the target audience of who the business wants to reach in order to increase visibility for the same. If the business has a physical presence, then it could begin with word of mouth. This depicts how much the business plans to advertise and on which platform. The advertising strategy shall fit by the marketing strategy.

This depends upon the marketing plans of the company actually. But looking forward to the future many businesses tend to advertise as it tends to be a good choice if the company aims to attract new customers and learn new trends of the industry.

Advertising does not merely mean promoting the products or services which the business has. It is about creating and reflecting the brand image of the company. Make sure the advertisements laid out connects with customers as marketing is customer-centric.

The best to launch out is when you know your consumer taste well and the purchasing trends for the consumer. This helps to learn the consumer behavior towards the sales and purchasing power respectively. The main purpose of the campaign is to cover new customer markets, designs, budgeting, and follow-up from the time to time.

Budgeting should be done carefully while planning for a campaign. Create a study of what the competitor business is doing and analyze the requirement based upon the blueprint of the campaign. Perform a SWOT analysis to regain the scenario-based for the situation.

Placement of advertisement should be planned carefully as it must resonate with consumers in order to attract them to purchase the product/ service. An advertisement should be laid as a part of the experience which the consumer might want to give in. The company wants new consumers or wants to reach a mass audience then radio is the best option.

Digital spaces have become a premium solace for everyone. The best places to advertise would be search engines and social media sites or rather create a website of the company. Search engines can help increase visibility and boost sales.

An advert should be informative at the same time should leash your creativity as a company. It should attract rather than connect with the audience. Strategize with your creative team and create a timeline into following and keep par with discrepancies.

To start with, they are all varieties of online marketing techniques.


  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation: Basically, includes all the strategies that help a website in attaining higher rankings on search pages of various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Come to think of it, people rarely go beyond the first page of a search engine, which is exactly what makes SEOs so crucial. It literally helps your website in jumping up the ranks and climbing the online hierarchy of search results.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing: It is an elaborate advertisement plan to attract traffic towards your website, typically to generate sales or increase customer leads.
  • SMM: Social Media Marketing: This methodology employs various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to promote your brand and develop a ground-level relationship with your followers.
  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click: This cost-effective, primary method of online advertising basically seeks payment only when your redirecting website ad is clicked upon. PPC ads, guiltlessly, target the ever-increasing number of active online shoppers and can easily be fine-tuned to your product or service so as to deliver highly qualified prospects to you. Apart from the most common Search Ads, Display and Video PPC ads can also prove to be very efficient in building traffic and results.

For most businesses, these elements are essential parts of an online marketing campaign to exposure. 

    • Ever since— in order to evaluate fresh and relevant web content and to determine organic ranking— search engines began reviewing, blogs have become way more significant. Blogs are now a necessity of every website and must be updated regularly. 
    • Tweets and FB posts create organic listings—which prove to be supremely sufficient in pushing one’s competitor to a position below, in case you have enough of those.

The drawback—they demand a lot of effort and creativity and are often not as unique as you’d wish them to be. 

We, at Star, will help you find a balance in what you need, keeping in mind your time and business requirement.

The strategies and tactics used to control your online reputation are referred to as reputation management. Reviews help consumers in deciding who to do business with. It also impacts your PPC and results, positively. At Star Advertising, our rep-management team develops tools to encourage real-time customer reviews and responds appropriately to lukewarm reviews. We also manage and monitor our client’s social media profiles on FB and Twitter which can immensely impact their company’s reputation.

Being the most used search engine so far, being a Google Partner is by no means a small deal. When a customer enters a search term, the platform is best equipped to match ads from companies selling that product or service, right to the target consumer. By finishing the extensive Google Certification Classes and meeting the requirements to be a Google Partner, Star has learned the specifics of building the best online PPC campaign, techniques on advanced bidding to ascertain the best position of your ad for cost effective results, and a variety of ways to combine search, display and video networks across both PC and mobile technologies. We have multiple staff members who are individually certified in the three categories: Search and Display advertising as well as Reporting/Analysis. Not only this, but we also possess multiple recognitions as a Google all-star(one of 200 global companies awarded out of the 14000 digital agencies.)

Any regional business is better represented with a local online marketing agency. A local relationship means you can meet one-on-one for better communication and also, the local folks can better match keywords and ad content for more specific campaigns. 

Although, our experience tells that national-level companies are way more expensive for a lesser degree of service, don’t let that stop you. By all means, look around. Do your research. But a national company might just have one certified individual who oversees an entire team of uncertified assistants who actually manage your account.

Pretty much whatever that makes sense for each clients’ needs, demographics, and budget. Star Advertising has run Facebook, LinkedIn ad, Yahoo, and Bing campaigns; also, has researched Hulu and individual TV and Radio stations’ online opportunities. Whatever may the online provider be, we can always help in creating a stronger, sharper media campaign.

The charge mostly depends on how encompassing the campaign is. We charge an initial set-up fee and an ongoing monthly fee for hands-on monitoring and regular reporting, to manage and maximise your PPC campaign. The rest of the online components, such as social media set-up/ online management, blogs, update recommendations within your site for SEO, etc., are estimated by the project for your needs. 

Usually, there’s no additional cost for many of our services in media-buying, since they are already included within the cost, you’d pay a radio or TV station. But other services, say consultations, copywriting, layout/design, and so on, are charged hourly fee-for-service. We can even provide a written estimate before the commencement of a project, which only varies in case of modification in the scope of work. Thankfully, due to our buying capacity in advertising and already established strong vendor relationships, we are often able to provide more product than your budget would normally afford, thus, further stretching your ad rupees.

Upon the completion of payment, we maintain that any content— be it a website, brochure, web video, or tv commercial— is owned in its entirety by the client. Rest assured, we also do not charge any ongoing monthly fees that tie your project to us. In fact, we provide effective training so you can monitor and update your own website, upload your videos to your YouTube channel, and so on, without any external help. 

Further, Star Advertising works to produce quality work for YOU, the actual client; and not to earn the next one. We have always promised to not shamelessly promote ourselves for the work we do for our clients and maintained it.

We would be absolutely delighted to explain all that marketing lingo to you if you’d reach us. We, at Star, promise to provide you with as much information about media evaluation options and production expectations, as we can.

Why, absolutely, you can! No matter what you do, you always have the option of advertising plainly by yourself. An agency is not a requirement, per se. But your follow-up question should be: “Am I willing to do this myself?”

As an ad agency, it is our utmost duty to use our experience and necessary skill set to guide where your money goes and lead you straight to your wishful outcome. Star Advertising effectively and efficiently plans advertising solutions in multiple mediums to best target exactly the customer you need to reach. We, also, bring a certain level of rationality to all the decisions concerning marketing goals. WE will handle all your accounts, so YOU can actually focus on your company.