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Step into Radio Advertising

Benefits of Radio Advertising


Radio commercials are not new. The first paid radio commercial was live in 1922 – about 90 years back. And you can imagine how it looked on those days.

However, with time things are evolving and transforming for the modern days. In just two years, there’s a sudden surge of digital usage among our population. That causes us to think if radio advertisements are still effective?

Good news for those looking for different media to build brand awareness and attract more customers.

“It still has huge potential to help you achieve your business goals.”

You must not want to lose this opportunity. Will you? And to back up our claims that radio is an effective medium for brand promotion, we have 11 strong reasons. Let’s understand them!

What is radio advertising?

Before moving forward with the benefits of radio advertising, let’s know what exactly it is.

Radio advertising is a type of marketing where you purchase some spots on radio broadcasts to promote your products or service or overall brand.

Even after the online shifting of a large mass, people still prefer listening to the radio for entertainment and relaxation. And that’s why you should grab your chances to show up in front of a large audience through radioads.

As we understand the basics, let’s jump right to the advantages of using this type of advertisement.

11 Benefits of Radio Advertising

Here we have 11 reasons to choose radio as a medium for advertisement.

Compared to Television and other visual commercials, radio advertisements can provide you with good results on a small budget. The reason is simple: you have to invest in just a few things.

Another reason is the return on investment through radio advertisements. According to a survey, you might receive $6000 per $1000 investment. And as radio commercials have a significant impact on people’s memory, you don’t have to spend money frequently.

2. It has tremendous reach.

It’s the most common reason people still want to invest in radio commercials. As per the 2019 audio today report, about 272 Americans spend 6+ hours listening to the radio each week.

And in India, the average time spent on the radio has increased to 23% during the surge of COVID-19 (research by AZ research partners private limited).

These stats are enough to highlight why you should start with your first radio advertisement campaign.

3. You can track your results quickly.

Tracking is the most impactful way to understand your marketing efforts. And yes, and you can measure your results and make changes accordingly.

Plus, if we compare this with TV commercials, you have an added advantage as radio ads take very little time to fix the issues and replace them with a new ad.

You can easily measure cost per lead, cost per order, revenue per order, and return on investment through a campaign.

Some of the best ways to measure the results are by running surveys between ads, developing unique and easy links, deciding KPIs, and measuring website traffic and other metrics.

4. It can improve your brand positioning.

One of the significant benefits of starting radio ads is brand awareness. Radio advertisements can increase the overall positioning of your business. And building a solid brand means triggering your audience emotionally with a unique value proposition.

You will receive a spike in your online search counts by 52% immediately through radio advertising.

Further, you will receive far more return on your investment than any other ad medium. According to a survey report by, you will earn a £7.70 return per pound of investment. Isn’t it lucrative?

Other reasons for using radio ads are increased awareness and consideration and building trust among your potential customers. That shows an overall business profit.

5. It’s present all over.

What is more peaceful than the thought of reaching a particular demographic or a targeted mass? With radio advertisements, you can connect emotionally to a specific community.

Through this media, people generally use radio to hear the news, updates, weather reports, and event discussions of their locality. And that’s your chance to trigger them by clicking the call-to-action.

7. It allows you for frequent repetitions.

Besides reaching your targeted customers, you can also spark an urgency through frequent repetitions. And without spending more.

What’s more, repetition and experimentation on different time frames. And analyze the response through your preferable tracking method.

8. It has a high promotional impact.

If you want an enormous mass to act on your targeted offer, radio advertisements will be your best choice. That’s because radio allows you to promote to a local community about your events, online or offline sessions, competitions, or other social, cultural, or different kinds of functions.

9. Radio advertising is memorable and flexible.

According to the learning pyramid, we memorize things faster through an audio or visual method rather than reading. And the same thing implies audio advertisements instead of textual forms such as print ads.

Secondly, you can build radio advertisements quickly and with the flexibility of changing them later.

Another reason to use radio advertisements to persuade more people is their influence. Through a simple endorsement or testimonial, type ads can boost your followers immediately. Not to mention, this is a great way to build trust among your potential buyers.

Again radio is the best platform to stand out as it barely has any clutters to distract. You can be creative with telling catchy stories, adding likable music, talking with the influencers and captivating your audiences.

Moreover, radio commercials are the best way to trigger vivid imagination and influence without noise.


11. It’s time-effective

Last but not least, radio ads save a ton of your time. You might be thinking how, and the simple answer is less number of equipment, simplicity, flexibility, targeted, and having an impact on a target with personalization.

It boils down to the fact that you don’t have to care about good camera quality, skillful models, and thousands of edits.

Final words

Even within this digital world, there’s a demand for radio and other audio content, and that’s the vast availability that has made this an effective marketing method.

And all these benefits will benefit you as a business owner when the listener puts their efforts to click on the CTA. And that’s rare when a person is busy with some work. But yeah, they can memorize your ad to come back to your CTA later.

That requires more creativity to input inside your commercials and a few more repetitions to make them recall your brand.

All marketing mediums may or may not be effective for every industry on this planet. So the verdict is to research and experiment on a small chunk of the audience before actually starting with a vast audience.

And if you want to squeeze all the benefits of radio advertisements, head over to our contact us page and let us help you with this process.

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By Barsha Kar

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